Sunday, July 31, 2011


DH and I are on vacation. Major ROADTRIP. I will be posting details here on my blog; but for now, I will say it's been eventful! We were at a Steak n' Shake in Plano, TX (I mapped out all Steak n' Shakes for the trip, lol!) and when we went back to the car it wouldn't start! Fuel line! We got lucky and the place AAA took us to fixed it the same day (yesterday, just before closing). Of course we offered to pay them overtime to get it done otherwise we would have had to wait until Monday, putting us 2 days behind schedule, or leave the car there for the duration of the trip and rent one for the rest of the trip. So in the end this setback put us 4 hours behind schedule. The time we left Plano, TX was the time we should have arrived in Tulsa. We didn't even car IF we got ripped off; just happy to have the car back and on the road again.

We are off to our first adventure today in the Tulsa area. Will post about it here with photos if anyone wants to follow. :-). I have my Gypsy with me so I can scrap to the best of my ability while we are gone. Yes, I will share the files but that sharing may have to wait until we get home since I left the cord for my Gypsy to my laptop at home. 

I better get off the laptop! DH has already accused me of sneaking off to play farmville. Phffffft!


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