Monday, January 10, 2011

Upcoming Project Classes

First up is something inspired by Pinecone Press. It's a Calendar books for
all your important dates for the year with pull out tags. Isn't this so stinkin'
cute? It's the main project; I haven't decided on project #2 yet. It might be a
Valentine's Explosion box with pockets and tags (candy included!). The paper in both projects were from personal stock;
the actual paper and ribbon for the projects will vary. The punches used will be
the same as they represent certain months of the year. Rhinestones will be
included. This class is offered in

I have been asked to dig through my project archives and revive some of my
best projects for upcoming classes. So here is one of them; this project will be
for February. I neglected to take a photo of the Stationary Card holder (March's
project) before putting it up for display at The Wagon Wheel in my room. Below
is the mini purse album; embellishments (ie: Texas key ring) are not included;
purse handle, button, and paper will vary; included are purse handle, purse
snap, button, paper and chipboard. Instructions will be emailed to students in a
3-part PDF file as it is 24 pages long. Make sure your Adobe Reader is up to

Next: the pocketbook. This project will go with the
February class. It will
also give me an opportunity to demo The Cinch to students.

look at the inside jacket; there's even a pocket there!

For March we'll have the Stationary Card holder (pic coming soon!) and the
mini-me version of the pocket book above. The mini-me version is made totally
different than the larger version above. In fact, it takes only one piece of
double sided paper; the larger version takes as many pieces of printed paper as
you want for the number of pages. Compare the size to my finger on the book
below. See how teeny tiny that is?:

Hope to see you in my classes!

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