Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 41

Hi all! Sorry it's been a while! It's been crazy busy! But my schedule should lighten up after this week so I can get back to what I love best! But because I'm having a party at my house this week, and some of my friends will be getting a "tour" of my house, including my custom scraproom,  it's given me a chance to take care of some more decor in my scraproom and create some party favors. I'm actually VERY close to completing work on my scraproom. Might need about another month or two and then I will show it all off in a video. Still working on the party favors but here are pics of some favorite scrapbook pithy expressions. It really changed the look of the room. Some of you might recognize the bird next to the frame; after adding these expressions I now want to find two wall storage solutions to put on either side of the bird and from.

Some of these expressions are from Everyday Cricut, others are found in scrapper's tag lines on the yahoo groups. See if you recognize yours:


  1. Looks great!!!! Love the zebra print.

  2. Super cool room. Love it all.

  3. this is a great space ! wonderful job!

  4. I love your word art. I may have to borrow some of those. Your room is awesome.

  5. WOW I thought I liked pink! You really like pink! That was alot of work and looks great!