Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 46

Today I have some party favors I made! These are really cute (and simply) Ghirardelli square chocolate boxes. First, cut out several strips of paper that measure 2.5x6 inches. It's probably easier to cut out the 2.5 inches first from a piece of 12x12 paper, then cut down the middle; but which ever way you prefer as long as you get the same result.

Next, score along the long sides at 1/4 inch, both sides. Turn and score at 1.75, 2, 4.25 and 4.5 inches. The short end is the end that gets folded up toward the front to form the pocket; cut the 1/4 flaps on both sides of the scor, on both sides of the paper, up to the 1/4 scor line that runs the long end of your paper. I sure hope that makes sense!

On the long end, the end that will fold over the front, you want to cut on the scor line that runs along the long end of the paper, both sides, up to the second perpendicular scor line. Again, I hope that makes sense. If not, hopefully the photo above will help. I almost forgot to mention to put 1/8 red tape on the short end; doesn't matter if it's on the inside or outside.

I used some hemp string from the jewelry department at Ms to tie up the packages. The 'thanks' is from the Base Camp Cricut cartridge; I altered that a bit in CDS, removing one of the holes. Then I stamped a piece of cardstock with a stamp. And I stamped the cut out "thanks" with the same stamp and glued to the cardstock. I thought that would look nice having both of them stamped with "thank you" and on the "thanks" cut out. Then I inked the edges with Tim Holtz's walnut stain. It's strung through and held in place with the same hemp string.

I knew I wanted flowers on top; running out of time to make these, thankfully I remembered that I have dozens of paper roses I made last year in a photo box. Pulled them out, spritzed with Glimmer Mist Cherry Limeade (old formula), embossed some green paper with my Cuttlebug, and cut out hearts for the leaves. A 3D glue dot keeps the rose and leaves in place. Oh! and what a great way to get rid of and use paper I don't want anymore! :-)


  1. I had made some Envelopes for that size chocolate bar last year for Christmas presents at work... not as elegant looking as yours, but they worked
    I just made envelopes and put a star sticker enclosure and tied a ribbon
    I like yours better... maybe next time... thanks for sharing

  2. That is really clever. I love them.

  3. Very very cute!!!! Love your creative-ness! Lisa @