Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Princess Castle Cake

Ok, I know I've been incognito lately. It has been busy BUSY BUSY around the house ever since we returned from vacation. Anyway, it's starting to calm down a bit and I think I may actually get back to "work" now on scrapping (yay!).

However, today DH's son and family came over for a little birthday celebration for one of the grandkids. DH, knowing how resourceful I am (and that I worked in a bakery for 8 years with training in cake decoration) asked me to make a princess castle cake. He didn't know I had a saved video of one; I think he was expecting me to use my Cricut Cake Machine (nope!).

Anyway, I think it was someone from the frugal group who posted a link to a video on how to make a princess castel cake. I saved that link and made the cake. I wanted to show you all how easy it was to make. Here is the original video: The photo of the cake I made is below.

I also had time to make a few pennants for the towers. Those are S's on the pennants, not 5's. The birthday girl's name begins with an S. Unfortunately, the alphabet die I used, the s looks a little like a 5. BTW, the birthday girl ate the "tower" (the cake, not the ice cream cone).

Also, here is a little tip: If you are icing a cake it's better to freeze the layers before you frost them. If you need to level the layers you can still do that even if it's frozen. If you ice a frozen cake you will not get cake crumbs all over your icing. Therefore, I didn't have to take some of the steps shown in the video since I was armed with a little bit of cake decorating knowledge and I worked quickly so my layers remained frozen while I was icing the cake :-). So, yes, bake, cool a little, remove from pan, cool some more, wrap in saran wrap, and freeze.

Ok, tomorrow I *PROMISE* you another GREAT surprise!



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