Monday, August 29, 2011

Store update!

hi everyone!

Today I removed the last of my merchandise from The Wagon Wheel. After I find a home for all of it - in my home - I will resume uploading product information to the store shopping cart so I can FINALLY reveal the link! I am waiting for the sun to go down before I remove everything from my car; it was hot enough earlier today while I was putting it in my car in 102 degree temperature. Thankfully I got all remaining merchandise and fixtures in my car in one trip so I did not have to come home, unload (in 102 degree temperature) and drive back to the wheel to reload. So I've been working inside the house all day moving stuff around and organizing everything that was already inside. I needed the exercise anyway, lol!

After all that is done I look forward to getting back into my scraproom and work on creations to share! I have a vacation to scrap! :-)


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