Monday, September 19, 2011

New ribbon rack!!!!!!

Yup! I have a new ribbon rack! ?This really beats using dowel sticks - which I found to be very inefficient. I wish I could remember the person's blog where I got the idea for my new ribbon rack. Her's was on a much smaller scale; and she shared on her blog the instructions her husband used to make the rack. Anyway, I'm still organizing, and obviously I barely have enough space for all my ribbon, lol, but I will have it (eventually) how I want it. Right now it's organized according to holidays/seasons, themes, and color. BUT, I have duplicate rolls so I have to find and remove those and put them on the top shelf. So with no further adieu:

ok, that was my nutty DH. I was trying to get a pic of the sections before he brought them upstairs but he jumped in front of the camera just as I was taking it. There were four parts to the rack, left, right, bottom, top. That's because there is a chair rail and we had to work around that. The four parts is so the entire unit was not too heavy. So here it is, for real this time!:

All that's left is adhering the 3 inch rhinestones all the way around the black border!

Oh, on the front of the shelves on the ribbon rack is molding strip. That is what creates a gutter so the ribbon rolls stay in place. :-). that was part of the original instructions on that crafter's blog (who's name I can't remember).


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