Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 47 - Faux Drawers

Today I finished up a project idea I got some time ago: faux drawers. It hangs like a picture but they look like drawers. DH cut out in plywood 3 pieces of wood that measure 7x14 inches and painted each one white for me. While he was doing that, I cut out on my E the harlequin pattern (George) and the flourish hearts (Ornamental Iron). I needed to use CDS to make everything weld together, as well as stretch out the image from OI so it spanned 14 inches. For the polka dots, I used a 1/2 inch hole punch. Everything was cut out on vinyl.

Next, I used Triple Thick Sealer on it. This took several coats. DH had already cut a hole in the back where the Tim Holtz Curio Knobs will go; they screw in from behind. So it was a partial indentation in the back, enough to fit the screw - since the plywood is 1/2 inch thick, and then a teeny tiny hole drilled. I pushed the screw through and attached the Curio Knobs.

Boy do I wish they are real drawers!

Ok, DH is working on a new and improved ribbon rack for me. I am molding the last 12 of the giant rhinestones for my room (molded 60 total). Tomorrow we're going to Home Depot to buy a dremel for me to use so it will make the polishing job on the rhinestones easier. I figured I will be finishing up on the rhinestones as he is finishing up on the ribbon rack. I have my caulking gun and mirror mastic ready for adhering the rhinestones to the room border. Yes, there WILL be a video tour when it's all ready. We're getting there!

Hey! I just noticed I hit 150 followers. Maybe it's time for blog candy?!?!?!?! Whaddya think?

Actually, I've finished painting my old kitchen table and chairs but I'll save that photo and entry for another day; maybe tomorrow... I'm afraid to take that pic only because I'm afraid it will show too much of the room before the video tour. We'll see...



  1. Love the colors and the drawers turned out Marvalous!!

  2. Oh how CUTE!!! I love this idea!!!!!! Great job ma'am!!!

  3. I love them and think I could make my REAL drawers to look like this, not exactly of course use my own patterns but my white drawers are so boring.;g;
    Got to go. longing to see the whole room. so I can grab some more ideas.