Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation: day 3

Hi everyone! I'm still here! It's been a crazy week!

Ok, let's first start with where I left off. We left off on Monday night of last week when DH and I arrived in Dyersville, IA. We did not make it to the Field of Dreams before they closed. So we ended up spending the night there. We did make it out to the field the next day and we could have stayed around the night before, but the "concession stand" would not have been open for souvenirs. We met a couple from Idaho, the woman at the "concession stand" was an extra in the movie, and by the time we were ready to leave there were all kinds of people showing up!

Last one out turn off the lights:

Next, we stopped at a roadside attraction: Strawberry Point (that's me).

Then on to Burr Oak, IA for another Laura Ingalls Wilder site:  

the Spam Museum in Austin, MN - of which the bottom display deserves an explanation. Do any of you watch Monty Python? They have a Spam sketch...with Vikings (hence the Viking reference in Spam-a-lot). And in the sketch a couple are sitting in the Green Midget Cafe wanting breakfast. The "waitress" (one of the Monty Pythons in drag - which they did well and often) ran down the long list of breakfast items available - all of which involve some portion of spam (spam, eggs, bacon, and spam; spam, spam, eggs, and spam; etc.) The "woman" (another MP in drag) yells "I don't like spam!" Well...the photo of DH and I at the table is a replica of the set used in that Monty Python sketch. And no, I don't like spam:

and Mall of America before arriving at my best friend's home.

Tomorrow we have a somewhat busy day in Rapid City were we finally arrived today. However, tomorrow I will resume with Day 4 of vacation which was a trip out to Pepin, WI on Wednesday for another Laura Ingalls Wilder site - as well as Day 5 when we drove out to Walnut Grove, MN and De Smet, SD for the last LIW sites on this trip. We did not really want to do the back-tracking; however, my friend's mother's birthday was yesterday (Saturday) and the only way DH and I could free up our Saturday (the original departure date) was to shift the last of the LIW sites to another day. It worked out because my friend took her kids to a water park on the day DH and I drove to Walnut Grove and De Smet; and DH and I took the kids with us to Pepin while my friend as at work. More tomorrow!

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