Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vacation: day 7 - Sioux Falls, SD

What happened to day 6? there wasn't really one! That was the day we returned from De Smet, really. After DH and I returned my friend and I spent the day with her kids while DH stayed back at her house to relax.

The next day, Saturday, we all went to my friend's parents house for a birthday celebration. I hadn't seen her family in years and we all had a blast!

DH and I said our goodbyes and hit the road. We first stopped at yet ANOTHER roadside attraction in Blue Earth, MN: the jolly green giant! And...there's a museum there! Had we known I think we would have planned the visit differently; oh well.

We stopped in Sioux Falls, SD for the night only because there wasn't a room available in Mitchell where we really wanted to stop. Sturgis traffic. We were lucky to get a room in Sioux Falls. And, it was a good thing too because I thought (for some reason) that the Corn Palace was in or near Rapid City for some reason. So the next morning, when we were on the road again, we started seeing signs for the Corn Palace at exit 332 and exited. I think we would have possibly missed the signs in the dark at 10PM. All things happen for a reason, right?

We also stopped at 1880's museum and Wall, SD. By then we were seeing a LOT of bikers. They were all over the place!

Again, I would share some photos but the internet connection is very poor. Please check back later.


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