Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Smash Book part 10

Sorry about not having anything for you yesterday. I thought I had it set up but I was wrong. Below are the next 4 pages. The first one is Glimmer Mist, Glim Glam, Gesso and Acrylic Paint:

This one did not turn out as well as I hoped. I think it may be one of those things where it looks better on card stock. I took a piece of lace, sprayed over it with Glimmer Mist, removed the lace, placed a paper towel over the paper, and used my brayer to soak up the excess. Then I carefully sprayed around the edges with Chocolate Covered Cherries Glimmer Mist but during the process I decided I liked the splattered look:

This is fire brick Distress Stains with Chocolate Covered Cherries Glimmer Mist: 

On this one I used Gesso and acrylic paint blended together and sprayed around the edges (and lightly in the center) with Chocolate Covered Cherries Glimmer Mist. It's rather sticky, even after drying so I'm waiting for some fixatif and matte spray to come in and hope that will solve the problem:

That's it for today. I have a wonder selection and discovery for you tomorrow!



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