Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Smash Book part 11

Oh do I have a discovery to share with you! While heat drying my Gesso on the first page, it started to bubble up. I *LOVED* the result and the texture! just get the heat tool up there close without touching and it will bubble for you. It might even pull up on the paper and start to force the paper to crinkle up. That's ok! If it's too sticky after it's dry then spray with a matte finish.

I sprayed with a brown and a red in Glimmer Mist and then went over my page with Gesso before the GM could dry. Then I took the heat tool to my page:

I thought since the other page worked out so well I would try something similar but with Distress Stains. I covered my paper with Distress Stains (Walnut) in sections and went over each section with Gesso before the Distress Stains could dry. Then I did the next section and repeated what I previously did. While the Gesso was still wet I managed to get a few pieces of scrap ribbon in place; however, I ended up gluing the rest of the scrap pieces: 

This one I tried an old Tim Holtz trick. First I covered my paper with Distress Stains, then I took some red tape and put "stripes" on my paper. Sprinkle some embossing powder, heat, and voila!:

Ok, by this time I had to go tame because I was afraid between the Gesso and embossing powder, if I did anymore heating before my matte finish spray arrives that my previous 3 or 4 pages would start sticking together! so I took 3 bright Glimmer Mist colors and sprayed! Then I went around the edges with a brown:

While doing the above page I realized there was some dried Gesso on the paper which reminded me of something. Come back tomorrow to see what it reminded me of...



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