Friday, March 30, 2012

Smash Book part 16

Are you ready for some more? This one I used my choice of Distress stains and sprayed a little with Glimmer Mist while the Distress Stains was still wet so it would all blend in a little. Then I tore strips of paper and laid one over the other to use as a mask. Next, spray with a darker color in Glimmer Mist. Dry. Stamp (with the paper still on as a mask) with a script stamp of your choice. Finally, give it a good coat of Glim Glam:

I have these Fleur de Lis stamps in my collection so I decided to do something French. The colors are from Distress Stains and acrylic paint. Unfortunately the White Picket Fence Distress Stains did not coat the paper well enough for the look I wanted. So I used acrylic paint instead for the white:

Ah! This one, believe or not, was inspired by a table top at a local Mexican Restaurant. Done entirely with acrylic paint and stamps. Basically the process was paint, dry, stamp, dry, stamp. This photo looks better in close up and even better in person:

I also have a ton of flower stamps. Distress Stains was my background:

Tomorrow I have a couple of surprises for you!



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