Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 53

This is the last project of the night. I found this great looking curio cabinet at HL for DH's man cave. The Tim Holtz paper came from there too (lost and found)! After adhering the paper to the wood with MP, I waited for it to dry, than sanded down the sides and corners. Then I lightly sanded the top of the paper to distress it a little bit and give it a faded look. If I sanded too much, or too hard, then the paper tore. But was ok. It added to the character. No sealer of any kind! I was afraid a sealer, even matted, would take away from the look I was going after.

I do not have the before and after pics of the drawers but I do for the sides of this project. It's amazing what a little bit of paper can do! At first DH was against paper on the sides; he was afraid it would take from the drawers. So I put the 3 sheets of paper around it without adhering it and he could tell right away how it changed the look for the best; that's when he gave it a thumbs up. He even took pride in selecting the paper he wanted on the sides. He's so proud of it! Now he has something to put all his little do-dad thingies in that are currently in his closet. And he calls me a pack rat!


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