Monday, June 6, 2011

Scraproom update

Here are photos of the new ribbon rack DH is building for me. We're only in the painting stages but I'm so excited I just had to share! I got the idea from someone else's blog (forgot who's). But I like it MUCH better than putting the rolls of ribbon on a dowel stick; not all ribbon rolls have a hole large enough to fit on the dowel; the dowels are not strong enough to support the weight of the ribbon rolls; and when I need a role (the whole role) that's in the middle of the dowel I have to remove all the others to get to it. It doesn't matter so much if I need only a few inches, just roll off what I need).

Anyway, DH is building a series of shelves that are in a frame for support. The frame is 4 inches but the shelves are 3.5. Then there will be a molding strip in front of the shelf which acts like a gutter. The original instructions said 3 and 4 inches; however, the molding strip I chose wasn't that thick; and I wanted a wider shelf for the wider rolls of ribbon I occasional get. I figure I can put a dowel stick behind the smaller rolls so they aren't moving around on the shelf; so they stay in place. We did a test drive on one shelf and it works. And when it's all finished we're going to put crown molding on the top so the ribbon rack doesn't just stop suddenly; don't know if that is on the original; can't find the pic that I saved. This ribbon rack is floor to ceiling (I have a LOT of ribbon). However, there is a chair rail on the wall that gets in the way; so we have to make 4 parts to this ribbon rack: left and right, ceiling to chair rail and, left and right chair rail to floor. This description will make much more sense when we have the finished product installed.

Below are the pieces that still need to be painted. The molding strip also still needs to be painted.

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  1. Cant wait to see the finished project!!! I so need something new for all my ribbons.