Monday, November 28, 2011

Australia day 5 - scrapbooking in Perth

Day 5
My new Aussie friend Kylie (from the ATT group) picked me up for some scrapbook fun! We went to the Scraptivate store and I bought about $200 worth of merchandise that I can’t buy in the US. That store was very inspiring and on my next trip to Perth I will be taking a class at that store. CAN'T WAIT!

Then we went to Spotlight – which is like Hobby Lobby meets Linens and Things. Only it was more L&T than it was HL; but I found a few things to buy and Kylie and I raided the clearance section. We also went to the Reject Shop, Target, and a few other places – one of them being a “dollar” store. It was really $2; Kylie blamed it on inflation. I had a gift for her to thank her for showing me around a bit, and I also bought her lunch. We also coined the term “Tim it up”. All of you Tim Holtz fans will know what that means; self explanatory :-).

That night it was dinner with one of the men DH works with and his wife at a Thai food restaurant. We both  woke up feeling refreshed that morning despite waking up twice in the middle of the night. But fatigue set in around 9 pm and I started to fall asleep at the table! DH's friend thought it was funny and nudged me a little bit. He understands as he has made the trip to the US plenty of times. He says the more you make a trip like this the easier and quicker you adjust. Ben and I got back to the hotel around 9:30 and ten minutes later we were out like a light! Woke up only once during the night.

Anyway, here are SOME pics of my shopping trip to the Reject Store, Scraptivate and Spotlight.

I bought these items at Spotlight. You might wonder about the Fiskar scissors but that pink color is not available here; and the back of the package listed an Australian distributor:

I bought these at The Reject Store. My thought was to add them to various projects or take apart for embellishments and such. Tim it Up.

The items in the photo below is what Kylie gave me as a gift. It wasn't necessary since I was trying to thank her with my gift to her for driving me around. But I still appreciate it. :-)

 I bought this cute album at the Reject Store. My goal is to "Tim it up" :-).

Below are several items (but not all) I bought at Scraptivate.


I bought one of each of these transparencies.The artist is inspired by Tim Holtz.

This tissue paper is awesome! It's slightly different, and less expensive, than Tim's Tissue Wrap. It measures 11.75x15 and the package contains 3 sheets (same style) for $5.50 AU. Tim's Tissue Wrap measures 12x26.25 and retails for $15.99 USD. I now wish I bought more. Sigh. Next trip.

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