Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shabby Chic Gift Bag

This bag came out cuter than I imagined! Plus, after 3 flights it got banged up a little bit extra making it look more distressed than I made it, lol!

I made this bag for my new Australian friend Kylie - who is on the All Things Tim yahoo group. She picked me up at my hotel (DH was in a meeting) and took me to a few places, including a local scrapbook store. I found plenty of goodies there that are make in Australia and available only in Australia. I can't wait for my next trip to Australia so I can book a few classes at this store (Scraptivate

We also coined a new term, which I'm anxious to spread around: "Tim it up". For you all you Tim Holtz fans, you don't need any further explanation!

The gift bag I made contained a few items I thought (or hoped) Kylie would like since she is on the All Things Tim group. The prices in Australia on these products are more than double and it was the least I can do to thank her for chauffeuring me all over town (and I bought her lunch).

AND, here's a photo of me and Kylie at the Scraptivate store:

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  1. What a beautiful gift bag! Love it. And I love your new phrase... it's a keeper!