Sunday, November 27, 2011

Australia Days 3 and 4

Day 3
DH had a meeting so I spent the day walking around the city. While looking for the Visitor Center I ended up in Old Sydney and an area called The Rocks. I also inadvertently found the visitor center for the Sydney Harbor Bridge. There are several photos of celebrities who did the climb: Bette Midler, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and others. There was also a photo of a 100 year old woman who did the climb. Being afraid of heights, I decided if a 100 year old woman could do it, so can I.

We had dinner with two of Ben’s co-workers and they encouraged the bridge climb. So on our next visit we will do that. I had already booked an excursion for us to the Blue Mountains through Greyline on our one free day.

Around 8PM we were ready for bed. It also got amazingly cold! For as tired as we were, we woke up several times throughout the night.

Day 4
Today was travel day to Perth which is on the other side of the continent. Five hours in the air. And set back 3 more hours. Sigh. We arrived around 10AM and got to our hotel around 11. Naturally our hotel room was not ready. We left our luggage there and went out to lunch at a tapas restaurant just a couple of blocks away. Really good! DH went to a meeting while I waited for our room to be ready. I joked with DH that if we had night jobs where we slept during the day we wouldn't have to adjust our sleeping pattern for this trip; it would already be adjusted for us, lol.

I had dinner that night with 3 of the wives of the Australian men DH works with. DH was at dinner with these same men (major meeting the next day). So it was sort of like girls night out. We ate at an Italian restaurant along the ocean. Two of the women offered to pick me on Thursday (day 6) for some fun in Perth. Fatigue set in for me around 9pm. I think I woke up twice the night before so I’m sleeping better.

OH! got a view of the Indian Ocean. So now I've seen 3 oceans.

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