Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Australia days 6 and 7

Day 6
Fun in Perth with my new friends Yvonne and Julie; or I should say Lady Julie. Julie’s great-great-great-grand Uncle is Lord Forrest who founded King’s Park. They took me on a tour of King’s Park and a little shopping at the gift shop there. I bought a beautiful owl necklace. We went to lunch (my treat) and shopping in a mall. In the photo below I blurred Julie's face because I wasn't sure if she would appreciate her photo on my blog.

Kings Park is amazing! They have a beautiful botanical garden with a portion devoted to endangered species of flowers as well as several monuments for both World Wars and a Bali Memorial for the 2002 Bali bombings which claimed 16 Australian victims. On a lighter note, parrots fly wild in Australia. And for you Farmville lovers, there really is such a thing as Peppermint Trees. But it doesn't grow peppermints, lol. The leaves smell minty for a few seconds when you pull them off and break them open. It’s also used as a healing agent and aromatherapy.Oh! and there are several (I think over 100) different types of Eucalyptus trees. Fig trees are common. And they have a weird looking kind of pine tree. Also, there is a supersized version of a boston fern (don't know what it's called in Australia).

The trees in the above photo are planted in memory of various soldiers who died. 

We also ran the risk of having to stay in Australia a few extra days (past Thanksgiving) – boo hoo - due to something good that resulted from a meeting. But DH got off the hook and we were allowed to continue our trip as planned.

Day 7
DH had to work and I really wanted to take it easy. We leave tomorrow for Sydney. I walked around Kings Park to take more photos. The trees here are very interesting. The leaves smell minty for a few seconds when you pull them off and break them open. It’s also used as a healing agent and aromatherapy.

I also found an awesome kitchen knife set with matching steak knives – in tropical colors to match my kitchen theme. Yeah, we had to check that in the luggage.

We had dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant by ourselves. Our Aussie friends went south to Margaret River. Had we stayed in Perth through the weekend we would have gone with them but our flight back to Sydney is tomorrow and DH has to work on Monday. So we will do Margaret River next visit. And the Pinnacles.


The above photo is a Boab Tree. It is a water and food source, and the leaves have medicinal properties. Australian authorities in the nineteenth century carved out the inside of these trees and put Aboriginal convicts in them. It gets very hot inside.

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