Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My lovely deck chairs

YEARS ago I bought several deck chair kits at Ms. Can't believe how long it took me to finally take them out of the box and paint them. Then I had to wait for DH to pry himself away from golf to put them together. Now, to make cushions for them. Of course, that means a trip into Houston to a fabric shop off of 59 and Buffalo Speedway. Forgot the name but I know how to get there. They have the largest selection of outdoor, weather treated fabric:

Oh! that empty space behind the chairs and the grill. Out there on the lawn? That's the future home of our tiki bar/hut. We want it big enough to house the grill. On the outside there will be a counter so guests and family can sit around on the bar stools and eat. Also, I will make (when I have time) stepping stones with mosaic images going all around like a path - which we will need because we have dogs. Need I say more? We're also going to make sure the tiki part looks authentic with fake driftwood signs, metal wall hangings, and things you might find in a Key West bar! 

Lime and purple; orange and raspberry.

Yellow, Raspberry and Ocean.


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