Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wishing everyone a very happy (and safe) Thanksgiving. Below is a layout I did just before leaving for Australia. Not sure yet what sentiments I will stamp on the lighter cardstock.

This is a layout that's going in an album for my stepdaughter. I'm making her an album for the upcoming year so she can slip in photos as the year moves along. I previously shared the Halloween layout last month. Now that I'm finished with the alphabet album for DH's niece I can start the album for my stepdaughter.

The mats for the photos are on a paper hinge. Kind of a different waterfall, like the kind that are in the old albums from the 70s. I would have added more hinged mats but ran out of the color cardstock I was using. Maybe I'll add a color that compliments the red? Brown? I think it's spaced too far apart and I need something in between. The concept of these layouts for stepdaughter is that they have AT LEAST 4 spots for photos; one for each child of hers and a spare for a group or fav shot.

The leaves are made with glassine paper and brushed with perfect pearls; mist with water in a mini-mister and carefully dry (heat set) with a heat gun.The punch for the leaves is tattered leaves, the border punch is a limited edition Fiskars punch. Contact me at if you wish to purchase any of these punches and/or the glassine paper.

OK! I think tomorrow I will start sharing a few select pics from Australia! I had my house sitter take the turkey out of the freezer for me (and put in the fridge) so I'm ready to go for Thanksgiving today. Sure hope I don't gain back over night the weight I lost. I lost almost 10 pounds while out of the country not eating my usual and walking around the city. No dairy, carbs or chocolate for almost 2 weeks. And now I'm about to blow it all today. Have a great holiday all!


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