Monday, February 6, 2012

CHA Winter 2012 Booth Decorations: 7 Gypsies

I love visiting the 7 Gypsies' booth at CHA. So many wonderful home decor ideas. I wish I had enough wall space for some of this.

I really like this one. Fortunately I have an old yardstick that once belonged to my grandmother. Hmm...putting on my thinking cap to see what I can come up with. Maybe paper covered chipboard with large eyelets and then have a bunch of photos on it. What do you think? It would go in my hallway:

I think I'm going to have to do something similar and place it on top of my piano:

Ooh! I know the perfect spot for something like this. On the wall by the side door of the house. Of course, it would have an old world tropical flare to it: 

There's an area above our front that I want to decorate. All I need is the library card box and scraps of paper from personal stash to make it work:

Ok, I suppose, in the same area above the front door, I can have an illusion like this. I was planning on hitting the flea markets this weekend anyway:

I would put something like this in my living room on the built-in shelf area and fill it with photos of some our favorite places we have visited.

Something else to place in the hallway and staircase area:

The next time I have a party I might do this with scrap paper from personal stash. Or maybe, if it looks nice, I can create something this with rows of beads in between leading to the dining room. Gonna think on that one:

LOL! Not sure I would do it. Definitely front door material:

Maybe in the kitchen by that same side door. Tropical, of course. The Graphic 45 Tropical Travelogue paper. Hmmm....:

I wonder how something like this would look in the staircase area. I might have to "Tim it up" though:

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