Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog challenge, day 1

Hmm...I got to thinking, and maybe it's been done already...I don't know...but I thought, why not have a layout or completed project every day for a year? Of course I might miss a day here and there, but it will be my responsibility to make up for the missing day. Either do an extra page a few days in advance, or get busy when I return from wherever it was I went to. Let's face it, I will be out of town occasionally. They made a movie about that chick who cooked something from Julia Child's cookbook every day of the year for a year but I doubt someone will make a movie about a scrapbook page every day of the year.

Plus I have all this lovely paper in my store. I need to give people ideas on how to use it so they will buy it. If I do a page a day it won't be long before my store wall is filled up and I'm forced to put the layouts in an album. Ooh! what a fabulous idea! to have one wall entirely devoted to my layouts. Ok, I say that now but we're talking about store space and I don't know if I can devote a single wall to layouts when I can use that for merchandise. We'll have to see about that.

Below is the first layout along with a new store sign I made for Judy. She needed a new winter store hours sign now that we're open on Mondays. And since we'll soon be leaving day lights saving time I created a summer hours sign for her as well. I used my Old West cricut cart for this one. The layout below that is the new line from My Mind's Eye called Good Day Sunshine. The boys in the photos are my cousin's children, 3 different cousins.We mainly have boys in my family; very few girls. So when I do make a girl layout out I tend to get really girly and go out. The red trim is from a new Martha Stewart punch called Diamond Fence Trim. It's a double edge punch.

Anyway, I attempted to run a piece of paper through my crimper but it did a better job of crimping on the top part of the paper. Maybe I need to switch crimper brands? My crimper does well with smaller pieces of paper. Don't know why it wouldn't cooperate with a larger piece of paper. I also used pop dots on the "just the boys" and "best buddies" signs; I thought it looked better. Only the signs themselves are available with the paper line; I had to use paper that best matched and cut around the best buddies sign. On the other it was a simple cut job with the paper trimmer and a half moon punch on each end with my 1/4 inch hole punch.

Well, if I'm going to do a layout-a-day then that means all of you will get to see snippets of my life. And believe me, I have LOTS of photos! With the Scrap-a-thon coming up I'll have all weekend to create. These layouts are pretty simple. Usually on the store level we don't worry about a whole lot of techniques on the layouts; we're pushing paper and products and in this case the My Mine's Eye paper line and a new Martha Stewart punch. Layout with techniques are usually saved for class layouts and there will be plenty of opportunity for that.

Oh well, enjoy!:


  1. I love the layout. Really like the colors. That top boarder is fantastic. Your signs are great too. I especially love the one with the hat on the top corner. (I think it was Summer Hours). Very well done!

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