Friday, February 25, 2011

Daily layout - Day 2

Ok, ok, I scraplifted. Sort of. If this layout looks familiar it's because I was inspired by a layout in one of my magazines. Sometimes I see a layout I like and rather than copy it completely I'll do a few things to make it mine or something I view as an "improvement". So, I changed it up a little bit.

Also, because I cannot get my sewing machine to cooperate on paper I used my Zig acid free writing pen to draw on the sew lines. I also added an extra piece of paper on the mat to give the page some color and used the MS punch "Ribbon Loop".

These are 2 of my favorite pics of our dogs. Ben and I were at the dog park one day, something my dogs weren't used to. My dogs stay near us while Ben's dog, Missy, was running around all over the place, playing in the dog pool, and having a lot of fun. Ben was sitting on the grass when my dogs came up to him and sat down next to him, side by side. It was a perfect photo op! I call it the lifesaver moment. You know, after those old commercials from the 70s where the father has his arm around his son and offers him a lifesaver to help make the day ok again?

In the next photo Missy is playing with a tennis ball. The photo says it all! I cut out the phrases from one of the papers in the Echo Park line For the Record (the paper that is used in this layout) that I thought best matched. Ben didn't get it at first. I told him to think like Missy while reading the expressions. It's like she's saying:  Just wanted to say (oh good! there's a ball on the ground); it's down to the wire (between me and the ball); it's too
good to be true (that no one else is after this ball!); it's too good to be true (this ball is all mine); I couldn't be happier (repeat: this ball is all mine!); tomorrow is another day (and another ball!).

Yeah, DH finally got it.



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  1. I see why you scrap-lifted it. It is a beautiful layout.