Saturday, February 26, 2011

Layout challenge - day 3

I really like this layout. It came out much better than I thought it would. This is still the Echo Park line For the Record. To cut around the "stamped" part I used a hole punch so my paper pieces would line up. Only cut out 1/2 a moon.

On the flowers I used a flower punch, spritzed with a little water, crinkled, unfold, and allow to dry. Then I used the new faux brad top technique someone recently posted. I didn't have a miniature wooden bowl from Ms, and I wasn't going to drive 7 miles (actually 14, round trip) just for that. So I put the circle on my ironing board and used my embosser tool that way with the foam mat under my iron board cover. I could never get cardboard, even cereal box cardboard, to cut out on my punches without breaking the punch. But a toilet paper role works just fine. I also inked the sides of the red polka dot photo mat with Tim Holtz Stained Walnut distress ink. Wish I had inked the edge of the faux brads. I might go back and do that.

These photos are from Ben's first trip to Key West, Florida. I had been several times before. Of course I took him to some of the hot spots that people go to for a great memorable photo op. It was surprisingly nippy that day. Yes, it can get chilly in Key West, even down to the low 50s.

Ok, be sure to check back throughout the upcoming week! We are going to a special event tonight and will hopefully have LOTS of cool photos! You know what that means! The "special event" is a fund raiser with a performance by the Blue Brothers! Jim Belushi is filling in for his deceased brother John. Yes, Dan Aykroyd will be there too! Guests are encouraged to dress up like their favorite SNL character. DH and I are going as the Coneheads. Now I'm wishing PC had an outerspace cart! So check back during the week for sure! I even made "sensor rings".



  1. Very nice Layout.I am with you, when I am in the store I forget to look for the little bowl and when I remember I am home, no way I am going back for a little bowl. Yours came out fine without the bowl.
    Coneheads...LOL. Have fun!