Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter CHA 2011 - part 3

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Ok...ready to see some Provo Craft make and takes? These were really awesome!
They used the Imagine for both projects. The pirate Imagine cartridge is new,
don't know when it will be released Argh!! They used their printable vinyl with
the Pirate frame project as well. I have the Imagine but haven't used it yet.
However, I plan to soon, mainly for classes and when I have my next try before
you by workshop I can actually explain how it works. Pop dots were used with
this project as well.



On the flower frame PC used stock paper, it's not printed from the Imagine.
The images are from the Imagine. Pop dots were used with this project as well.



Finally, there was this really cute "jewelry" box. The pink
paper is embossed with a cuttlebug border embosser. To get the crinkle effect
with the flower cut out several flower pieces and spray with water. Then crinkle
up the flower and unfold; allow to dry. The box was already painted white.


  1. ahh! you got to go to CHA? I am so jealous right now, I bet you had a blast too.
    Please more photos so I can see!

  2. Nice job on all but I really love that jewelry box. Very pretty.

  3. The pirate cartridge sounds sooo cool! I will definitely need it :) This is the first I've seen of it.