Sunday, February 27, 2011

Live! from's Saturday Night!

Ok, here's a couple of pics from last night's Gala. We went to a fundraiser where the Blue Brothers (Zee and Elwood) performed. Guests were encouraged to dress up as their favorite SNL character. We went as Coneheads. Jim Belushi was pulling various women on stage during their encore. In one photo, that's me, dressed as a Conehead, on stage and DH took the pic at the moment when I came face to face with Dan Aykroyd. I'm holding the "sensor ring" which I made out of a coat hanger and a black boa. More pics and videos on that later and of course the pics will be going in a layout!

There were a lot of great costumes; mostly Blue Brothers and Bees. I think Wayne and Garth were the next. Lots of Egyptians (Steve Martin's King Tut); a couple of Sara Palin's and Church Ladies; Da Bears!; and a few Coneheads although we were the best and I'm not being biased either. Except for one couple, who were among the organizers for the show, all of the other Coneheads wore skimpy skin tight outfits with their Cones. DH and I, and that other couple I mentioned, were the only ones to wear a costume from the skits on SNL or the movie. DH and I were the only ones with the sensor rings and the capes - both of which I made.

Bought my "costume" at the Goodwill Store and Ms (the apron and iron on decals), DH's came from his closet. We bought the cones from an online costume store. The cone fit DH's head better than it fit mine. I did not think to slit it in the back and sew or glue it tight like the other Conehead women did. We got DH's to stay using first aid tape. The tape wouldn't stick to me; already had make up on.