Friday, February 11, 2011

CHA - part 4

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Today are a few more items made at the PC booth (we'll move on to other booths in Part 5). PC was pushing a new product, sort of a mini-Yudu. All I can say is, I'm not impressed. Here's why: why should I do something messy on paper with a squeegee that I can normally do with a stamp? It's less than half the mess with a stamp. Don't get me wrong; I have the Yudu. But I don't use it for cards. I suspect this mini-Yudu (whatever it's called) will find it's way to the craft cemetery somewhere near the Your Story. Below is the card we made, but be sure you check out the necklace! I have a story to tell you about that one!

I like the images, but I can do this with a stamp. I don't need to buy another PC product to do what a stamp can do. Whatever the selling point is for this new PC product, I failed to grasp that.

Ok, now for the necklace! If you think the concept is the least bit familiar that's because maybe it is. I'm beginning to suspect that whichever PC employee that thought of this project for one of the CHA show make and takes moonlights on the side as a Stampin' Up Demonstrator. At the very least the concept was "scraplifted" if you will, lol! If you don't believe me, click here to see what I'm talking about! And yes, we created that crown using the mini-yudu thingy (I probably have a crown stamp...somewhere).

Have a great day all!


  1. SU has had those jewelry charms for a while now, so yeah, it's likely they saw it somewhere like SCS or something. And I feel the same way about the mini Yudu! But I REALLY want the big one...

  2. I never had any experience with the Yudu. big or small. I was not interested in the big one for shirts and things as I have no room for it plus I just don't think I would use it much. The small one for cards....I guess it would be worth it if you had a use for it. Maybe your kids are getting married and you want to make the announcements, invitations, etc. Otherwise, why would you want to have to go through all that and make the screen for one or a few cards? Like you said, I rather use a stamp (I make a big enough mess with them) and be able to do my cards differently. Now after what you said, I know I don't want it.

  3. @Sue: you have a point about invitations. However, it does take some practice to get the pressure just right as well as the amount of "ink" to use with it. Too little and there's not enough for even distribution. Too much and it will smear. I suppose if I were doing mass quantities of invitations I might go "digital" and print them up on my laser printer on cardstock unless I had the perfect stamp. Thanks for your input.