Saturday, December 3, 2011

Australia day 11

Day 11
Our last day. I slept in (I really needed it) and took the free shuttle (555 green bus) to Chinatown. It reminded me of Chinatown in Chicago a little. Only better. Houston doesn’t have much of a Chinatown. It’s too spread out. I also attempted to find the observatory, which is located in The Rocks and turned out to be a hill over looking part of the area.

Anyway, back at the hotel, DH arrives and I said, let’s go have dinner in Chinatown. It was our last night, and I had no other ideas on where to eat for the night. By this time it’s raining. And we couldn’t find a taxi anywhere because everyone was in them. And the green bus stopped running at 3:30 PM. So we walked. In the rain. With the umbrellas we borrowed from the hotel. Fortunately most of the businesses along the sidewalk had wide awnings.

We got to Chinatown and found the “arcade” area where I wanted to eat. And there was only one restaurant in that arcade area that had wide awnings and heat lamps. So that pretty much decided for us where we were going to eat. We ordered an appetizer (forgot what was on it but it was a mix of other appetizers), honey shrimp and chicken satay, and veggy fried rice.  YUM-MEEEE! We were actually full!

 A nice walk back to the hotel and packed.


  1. Looks like you're having a great time.

    Looking for the information on the event Friday night?

  2. Thanks Yvonne. I'll include the link to the Project class in the email blast :-). It's buried in my blog so I think it'll be easier to just email it to you.