Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cuttlebug v. Vagabond

Hi everybody! Today I decided to play with my new Vagabond. Many of you noticed that Js recently had a sale on it. I too got in on that as the price was lower than the wholesale price I pay as an internet store; plus the weight of the machine makes it costly to ship so there's no way I can compete with big box stores on that item.

Anyway, I was very happy they had it for 50% off with free ship (had to pay the tax) and gleefully ordered mine last month. I had been wanting one since they came out; sometimes you just don't feel like cranking. The draw back for me, however, is that it's not very wide unlike the Grande Calibur, Big Shot, Big Kick, and if it ever comes out, the eBosser (Craftwell, $199.99, scheduled for a late January release). On the other hand, if I'm doing a lot of projects, like Christmas cards, and I have a lot of embossing to do, the Vagabond is an arm saver! Plus it's just so cute with those travel stickers on them!

I did not notice any difference in quality as far as pressure. You do have to be careful to remove the shim that comes with the plates for the Vagabond, otherwise it's a rather tight fit and you might crinkle up your paper. The left side is Vagabond, the right Cuttlebug:

So my final conclusion is, if you're in the market for something, it's a matter of preference, really. The Vagabond might stall and get stuck if what you have in there is too tight for the machine, or you're using it a lot (overheat). However, both Vagabond and Cuttlebug use the same size plates. And although you do have to hold down a button with the Vagabond, it will stop when it detects a difference in the tension between plates. Go with what you feel comfortable.


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