Friday, December 9, 2011

New Martha Stewart Punch All Over the Page punch

Just a quickie note to show ya'll how easy it is to use the 2.0 version (my joke) of this punch! I am so glad that Martha and company decided to do what they did with the markings - similar to the border punches; it makes it so much easier to "punch all over the page".

First, I had to find my starting point. I wasn't sure where to start. The instructions on the back of the package weren't very specific. So I grabbed some old CHEAP paper I didn't care about and lined it up to the line that is just outside the punch shape.

The instructions will tell you to place the top over the bottom and it will snap into place. However, the truth is, there is a positive and negative on the magnets in the punch so make sure you're all lined up before you start punching. You'll feel the top move if you're not lined up properly. If that happens, remove the top, turn 45 degrees, and see how that fits.

Just like in the border punches, line up your image to the shape on the punch so you can cut the next one.

As you can see from the photo above, I punched across the paper only to have a little bit of excess. So I tried again on another piece of cardstock and started on a new location on the punch, this time going to the edge of the metal guide.

See the difference? It filled in an extra 1/2 inch but I still have excess paper. The punch did not fill up the paper. However, that's ok. I trimmed 1/2 on two sides when I was finished punching (further down the page). For now, we're punching all over the page.

You can line up your design top, bottom, left, right.

I mentioned above that I trimmed 1/2 inch on 2 sides. Now my paper is 11.5x11.5. I took a white piece of cardstock and a decorative corner photo punch (Fiskars Majestic); punch the corners and slide the MS punched page into the white into the corners. Yes, there is a little bit extra on the left and bottom ends; I will cover that up with a layout design and the next time I use this punch I know to position my cardstock about 1/4 inch over more - where the magnets are.


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