Wednesday, December 7, 2011

look at my haul today!

Looks like Christmas is arriving early in my household! The first item on my list is the Vagabond. It was recently on sale at Joann's for 50% off AND free ship! Now why, you ask, would a store owner buy from another company for an item I can obviously get in and sell myself?

Well, the reason is, I can't get it for the same price as Joann's - unfortunately. The 50% off was a better price than my wholesale price and I really wanted one. Hence, I will *probably* never sell it (we'll actually see about that). Plus, it's monstrously heavy (imagine the shipping fees). So you know Joann's ate some cost. And that's a cost I can't afford to eat, even if it were dessert.

Now, just because I have the Vagabond doesn't mean I'm giving up my Cuttlebug or Big Kick. Not so fast! I still need them for the Try Before You Buy workshops! Yes, coming up soon is the comparison. And you will be amazed at the results! Besides, the Big Kick embosses wider than the Cuttlebug.

When Vagabond first came out I thought it was pretty awesome looking. Then I began to think about it's cost and if I really wanted to pay that much when I already have a hand crank. If something that was electronic really that important to me. Then, while I was at the education show in October, it finally clicked. Yes, I want the Vagabond because it does a MUCH better job at embossing than the Cuttlebug does and without tearing apart your paper (again, demo coming soon!). And yes! It came with the cute travel stickers!

The next item that came in was my Cricut Circle cartridge for this quarter. Paper Trimmings is a super cute cartridge. If you can find it on Ebay from Circlettes who do not want it, grab it! Sell off a few items around the house to pay for it if you must but this cartridge is a darling! Can't wait to use it!

Ah! Finally! These new version of the MS stamp all over the page came out almost a year ago! Again, this is an item I'm not willing to sell because I knew they would end up in Michael's eventually. And I was right! What's the difference between the new version and the old? The new version has markings on the bottom plate like the deep edge and PATP punches. So you can line up MUCH easier on the card stock and create a cut out of your own. Before, it kind of guess work and hit or miss. Plus, I really like the new designs. These are on sale this week at M's for $11.99. Regular price is $19.99. I have a few returns to make to Ms so I should be able to get a few more before the week is out. Can't wait! Oooh! I have plans for that snowflake one!

Ok, that's it for today!


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