Saturday, December 10, 2011

embossing and UTEE trick

Let's start with the embossing powder. Doesn't matter which kind; Zing, Stampendous, etc. Pick your poison and color. You'll also need some card stock. I picked white and trimmed it to 4.25x5.5. My embossing powder color choice was red. You'll also need red tape (I used 1/8 inch). And a heat gun.

Do not use any other kind of tape, tape runner, or tape adhesive. It must be red tape. Lay down lines of red tape on your project and trim the sides of any excess tape.

Remove the red part exposing the tacky part. Sprinkle embossing powder on your project and tap off any excess. This method also gives you a straight line for your project and card making.


Now, let's try this with the UTEE. Again, place strips of red tape onto your card stock and remove backing. I chose black only because I thought it would show up best that way on camera. Sprinkle the UTEE on it and shake off excess.

Heat with your heat tool. When it bubbles, it's done! Isn't this a cool effect? And the best part is, the red tape doesn't melt off!

Thanks all!


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  1. Since posting this I have been asked if Scor tape will work. My answer is: I don't know. If any of you Scor tape lovers care to try it that way, please share your results :-). thanks :-)