Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tutorial: make your own stencils and masks

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your own stencils and masks. It was quite simple, really. I'm in a habit of saving the clear packaging that comes with many items. Whether I use it for a transparency or something else, up to me. But then I though, why not make it into a stencil or mask I can use over and over?

This is how I found out my Cricut does not handle cutting this medium very well. How I wish I had a Black Cat (saving up!). Even on the most extreme settings, I had to multi-cut several times and hope the blade didn't jump my project (you Cricut experts know what I'm talking about). I cut out the word 'imagine' on my E - using the cursive 101 cartridge welded together in CDS. Beautiful!

Then, knowing I need to be careful, I took the thinnest clear packaging I had in my collection, and a deep edge MS punch. It punched - but with difficulty. And I was afraid the punch would break. In fact, I broke the lever on my regular daisy edge punch and had to buy a replacement. But this one actually came out.

I inked it up with a distress ink of my choice and spritzed it with my mini-mister. You can also use Glimmer Mist if you prefer. But it's important to spray the stencil, not your craft mat. The stencil will not lap up the ink the way paper does if you flip it over. So ink the stencil and spray with water (or spray with Glimmer Mist).

Then quickly flip it over on to your paper project. You don't want to hesitate because you don't want the liquid running. Press down firmly and remove from your paper.

Carefully blot with a paper towel:


You can also use it as a mask. I managed to punch out a second one and ran it through my Xyron using repositional adhesive. Carefully position over your project and ink how you like. Remove the mask when you're finished. This was actually kind of a mistake but it turned out kind of neat for a mistake (layering):

What's really cool about this is how you get a negative and a positive effect:

Thanks for looking!


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