Saturday, January 21, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends...

A friend of mine has been wanting to get into scrapbooking and asked for my help. While I appreciate the compliment of her coming to me, it's actually a challenge for me to create such simple pages (or help) for a newbie so I don't overwhelm them.

She wants to scrap a trip she took to Italy over 10 years ago. So she came over with her box of photos, paper, stickers, a few basic supplies, and a few mementos. The mementos came in handy because they became a "page element". Not wanting to take too many liberties with her layout (I was trying hard to get her to think outside the box), I paperclipped together a few things and stuck a piece of cardstock underneath; that way I'm adhering the cardstock to the layout, not adhering her mementos.

The other thing we did was start at the very beginning of her trip - starting with the photo of them flying over the Italian Alps. Somehow I think this will be a very thick album because she wants to scrap every photo and postcard she has from this trip, lol.

I also showed her a way to make clever use of her chipboard stickers. One of them was a tag. We sprinkled some baby powder on the backside so it wouldn't stick anymore, looped some string through the hole, and hung it on the paperclip holding some of her paper mementos.

The empty brown spaces you see will get filled. She's going to print up her journal cards on her computer using an ivory color 8.5x11 cardstock fed through her printer. I instructed her to do a test print on scrap paper so make sure everything is within her margins. Then print out on the cardstock and trim down. I think this was a very nice layout for a few attempt. I would be proud of it if I did it myself!

Her face is not showing because I did not ask permission to show her face on my blog. The main idea here is to give all of you an idea on how to scrap your trip. The paper is from K&Company.

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