Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Christmas dinner

A month late but still looks delicious!

I wanted to share at least the photo (ok, and the recipe) of our Christmas dinner this year. It was soooo delicious! and I was so happy that it came out just like the photo on the website. The stuffing was added after the pork had finished cooking. It's not like a turkey were we stuff the turkey and let everything cook at once. This is a safety precaution because, as some of you know, if you don't cook pork correctly, bad things can happen. So it's best not to risk compromising your pork roast by stuffing the center while it's cooking.

The beverage in the photo, I bought a bottle of cranapple juice instead of cranberry juice, and then apple juice separately. Added the rest of the ingredients and everything came out just fine. 

We also had the apple cider gravy also available on the website for the crown pork roast recipe. It was so good over the mashed potatoes. The rosemary leaves and the cranberries are suppose to represent holly and berries:

For the crown pork roast recipe, click here.

For the other items for this dinner, including the spiced punch recipe, click here.

Thanks! Tomorrow we get back to scrapbooking!



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