Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our holiday 2011

Hi Everybody!

I thought I would share with you a few photos of our trip to Virginia to visit with DH's daughter and her family. The grandkids were full of excitement and when we left, they asked if they could stow-away in our luggage.

During the trip I got the kids involved in a gingerbread house making adventure! DGS wanted dormer windows on the roof but DH refused to draw out the dimensions needed for the job. Sigh! ok, there's always next year. However, I made a crucial error with the gingerbread house and it caved in! Instead of using caramelized sugar like I have in the past, I used royal icing. Again, there's always next year:

 I used a cookie cutter to get the shapes for the windows

 Anybody recognize the apron?

Each of the older children decorated a side of the house. I did the front. After the fact, I realized I forgot to leave room for the chimney so I had to remove some of the candies on one side of the house.

DGS helping with the Twizzlers.

DGD helping with the chimney




There were 3 gingerbread men casualties.

While everyone was waiting on the house pieces to bake and cool, the kids and DH made gingerbread men. Everyone had an icing job:

DGS was in charge of the red icing for the buttons.

DH was in charge of the white royal icing for the face and squiggly lines on the arms and legs.

DGD was in charge of the green icing for the bow-tie.

Here is our Mr. Bill Gingerbread man. Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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