Monday, March 21, 2011

Daily challenge - Day 23

Saturday's project was room beautification! I picked up an old frame, painted it up and sealed with an acrylic sealer. Next I picked my words of creative inspiration and fine tuned in CDS and MTC. "Wish it" is Cursive 101; "dream it" Opposites Attract" and "create it" is Brush Script STD, a ttf from my computer (and the one done in MTC). All phrases are welded together and in the case of "dream it" I had to shorten the length. Each one is about 4 inches in height; 12x24 inch mat required for this one. Then on the left is a bird from the Straight From The Heart Cricut cart. I really wanted the artsy look on this one and even DH was impressed!

All of this is above my custom made scrap table. We have 3 more things to do to my room before I'm ready to show it off in a video tour - each of them weekend projects. Don't worry! We're almost there! I spent all weekend organizing my space in our huge walk in attic - which is adjacent to my scraproom and finding a home for everything. As a result, the guest room is finally cleared out, lol!

One more thing about this project, I used the HL Paper Studios vinyl. Bad mistake! It doesn't stick very well and yes, my wall is clean. So I'll have to pay for the PC vinyl unless my local sign maker has some black vinyl scraps. 



  1. This looks so nice! I love the frame around the words. I can't wait to see the room complete.