Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daily layout challenge - day 8

Hi everyone! Yes, I know it's well past Christmas but I just had to show this layout. It's an 8x8, perfect for scrapbooking cookie swaps, and if any of you like to plan ahead, or do Christmas in July, then you might appreciate this.

Like I said, this is an 8x8. If you're doing a cookie swap then the idea is to put together a kit for each of the ladies in your cookie party; they will have to put the page together for themselves while everybody eats the cookies they all bought. So if 10 ladies go, then each one will have ten 8x8 recipe layouts to put together at the gathering!And you will have 9 new recipes! You can put all of these together in an 8x8 album for your recipe card collection.

Somewhere on your 8x8 should be the recipe. In my case, I created a pocket for a tag and put a photo of the finished creation on the front. To create a pocket, cut out a desired size piece of cardstock. Score on what will be the bottom at 1/2 inch. Fold. Adhere to your page. Adhere the sides how you please; in my case I used brads but you can use 1/8 red tape if you want.

On the tag, in the back, is a flip card with the recipe.

I used my new Tim Holtz BIGZ dies for the reindeer in flight and the tag.

For the recipe card, well that took some trial and error practice. I did it on my computer, MS Word, and formatted the page to landscape. I used scrap printer paper until I had the formatting correct and then I fed my printer the ivory cardstock.

On the reindeer: I used a cereal box and ran it through my Xyron first, colored side to the sticky. Then I printed up a copy of Christmas music (I play the piano), strunk down a little (about 50%), on the ivory cardstock and placed on the sticky side of the cereal box. Run the whole thing through the die cutter (I have a cuttlebug and big kick). Ink the edges.

The punches were MS and EK.

On the tag itself, have a very nice Christmas stamp, don't know the name and my scraproom is a mess right now. I was able to customize my ink job with my Tim Holtz blending tool for the center by dabbing it on the pigment ink pad, and then ink with pigment ink the edges the color of choice.

I hope everyone can see the actual recipe. Enlarge to get the ingredients. These are very tasty! If you don't want the seeds in your tarts then simply use jam.



  1. It's beautiful! I love it!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today--I'm now following you too!

    Big Cricky Hugs,
    K Andrew

  2. It is really pretty and yes, I can see the recipe.