Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daily layout challenge - Day 18

Hey alright! I'm getting caught up! Here's the layout that was supposed to be for Sunday March 13. I wanted to do something for the youngest member of our family with the Prima Marketing paper line Jack and Jill. It is the cutest paper I've seen for children. Very soft features. However, I also wanted to so something comical. Not sure I like how it came out but hopefully the point is taken that the baby in the family is still a baby, and that fully grown dogs in the family are NOT babies (though they like to think they are).

Ironically, I decided to use the cart "All Mixed Up" for the second part of the phrase as sort of a symbolism that the dogs are mixed up as far as thinking they are still babies. HA! Special attention to the extra large dog in my SIL's lap and DH's dog in my dog's bed; she's a Brittany, my dogs are under 10 pounds each, yet for whatever reason the Brittany thinks she can fit inside their bed. Usually she can't without her feet hanging over the edge, or spread out across both their beds, or curled up but pushing the sides out on the bed. Sigh...

Oh, the Jack and Jill collection also has matching 4x6 note cards, flowers, baubles (for embellishments), and sticky canvas tags (canvas laminates), each sold separately. As you can see in the photo I used the baubles as the center of the flowers. There is a square on the border of each paper that tells you which colors (cardstock, ribbon, etc.) best matches the line. Enjoy!:

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