Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daily layout challenge - day 10

Here is a Halloween layout for you Halloween lovers! I did some of this in CDS (Trick or Treat, Smell my feet!). But what might grab your attention is the blood line. That is a very SIMPLE technique using glossy accents and some Tim Holtz alcohol ink (Cranberry).

Get out a piece of wax paper, about 13 or 14 inches in length. Next, draw on the wax paper with your glossy accents a line. As you go along, dip down to create that drippy goo look (yes, blatant rip off of words from a MS punch). Use a ruler to draw a straight line, or draw the liquid as close to the edge as possible if you need help drawing a straight line. Allow to dry over night. Now, you can also use this as icicles. But if you want blood, squirt a few drops of alcohol ink on the felt pad of your blending tool and ink away! It will dry after a few seconds. Apply a second coat if necessary. Easy peasy!

Cartridges used: Cuttin' Up, Paper Doll Dress Up, October 31, and Halloween.

To get the look I did with the phrase open up your copy of CDS and click on Cuttin' Up. Let's first do the shadow part. Set your mat to 12x24. No, we're not really using a 12x24 size mat, just want CDS to think that so everything will fit on one 12 inch line without stopping after 9 inches and continuing on the next line on the mat. Anyway, click out your phrase in the shadow feature of the cart. On the next line (I would go down an inch or two), be in regular mode (not shadow) and click out the phrase again. Now, temporarily move your bottom phrase over your top phrase and determine where you need to nudge each letter over a bit - if necessary - so that the regular sized letters fit over the shadow letters. The regular letters, when cut out, will be your highlight so you won't have to ink letter edges (black in the photo). The shadow letters will be the top layer (orange in the photo) You do not need to weld anything.

When you're finished lining up everything move one row of letters a few inches below the other. When you cut, make sure you use two different colors of cardstock. You cannot do this without CDS because you will need to nudge letters over. Be sure to set your mat size back to 12x12 (unless you are cutting out on a 12x24 mat) so your cricut will cut.

Now the green under the phrase, that's pigment ink sponged on white cardstock. Doesn't it look glowing?

The bats and clouds are from a Quickutz die.

I cut the tree and house out at 9 or 10 inches I believe. They are very intricate and require a large cut in order for it to come out looking good.

Sorry about the pumpkins! I really wanted the ones from Happy Hauntings but could not find that cart when I was doing the layout. Sigh...something else for me to change later. (yes, I found the cart)


  1. Very nice! Thanks for saying how you did that with the blood drips. Yeah....a little on the spooky side and the mats look like they were made with glow in the dark paper.

  2. Awesome the goo!