Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daily challenge - Day 20

Hi everyone! I'm proud to announce that I managed to cut out my first MTC images. Key West is one of my favorite places to visit. So I really wanted to have some images for that. I have the Rt 1 sign, A1A sign, Mile Marker 0 (on Whitehead St) sign, and the sign to keep left.  I'll attack the KW flag and the Southernmost buoy next ;-).  Yeah, those two will be a really involved project; I hope I can do it.

For those of you who have never been to Key West, or driven there, the sign to "keep left" is the first sign you see at mile marker 5 when you get to the island; you have a choice at that point to go to the airport, or head for Old Key West. After spending potentially hours driving from Miami or even Ft. Lauderdale (2 lanes most of the way and much of it at 35 mph - and you can't drive it straight through with so much to see along the way), that sign is a relief! 

I have TONS of pics from our travels there; it's now gotten to the point that DH wants to go somewhere else (I don't) this year. There's one shop that recognizes me on the spot and even "yelled" at me to stop taking Key West home with me, to just move there (that's because I spend a lot of money at his store). OMG! a majority of my kitchen is decorated with stuff I bought in KW! 

I love Halloween in KW. One year we went dressed as Marge and Homer Simpson and people could not stop taking our photo! I cannot post the photos because 1. DH would shoot me; and 2. some people may find it offensive because DH wore whitey tighties (2 pairs in an effort to hide his junk) and he's over weight. If you watch the show sometimes Homer is seen sitting on the couch in his underwear. The temperature in KW is normally warm that time of year so I knew we would get away with the attire. Yes, we were covered in yellow body paint (which was very difficult to wash off) and I made a giant doughnut for DH. We also picked up a fake Duff beer can at Universal in Orlando. DH also wore a bald cap and I drew (with a sharpie) Homer's hair line on it. What's sad is, DH did look kind of like Homer after I was through with him!

Anyway, enjoy the pics of my first MTC project: 

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  1. Love the Key West stuff. I've been there several times, so I have a lot of pics to scrap. Just started working on our cruise album.