Saturday, March 12, 2011

daily layout - Day 17

oooh! Delicious cupcakes. GLORIOUS cupcakes! I know I've used some of these photos before but that was for a demo for a class or for my store. This layout, well DSD (that's darling step-daughter, don't know if there's such an acronym) will probably inherit it - some day. Anyway, I found some great cupcake paper at HL a couple of weeks ago when specialty paper was on sale for 50% off and I could not resist! And I'll tell ya' another thing! it was a lot easier than cutting up and decorating that many cupcakes on my E!

I think I mentioned in another link on my blog that I made the cupcakes in a sugar cone inserted in a special pan that keeps the cones from toppling over in the oven. It was really simple to do; simply fill the cones about 1/2 way and no more than that. The cake mix will rise. You don't want too much in there otherwise it will overflow (trust me on this one).

Some of the kids licked the icing off the top and tossed the rest into the garbage. How funny! Some even argued over which color icing they were going to get. We got tired of that real quick and told them 'you get what you get'! One tray was chocolate, the other yellow. If you have the time, make your own frosting; it will stand up better than anything from the store, even the Wilton's brand.

Anyway, I wanted to do some kind of layout that would allow me to show off as many pics as possible from this party. The E cart I used was Cuttin' Up which is one of my favorite carts to use when I need a good font to cut out that will be thick and not tear up on me when I cut small. This one was cut at 1.5 inches. The pink polka dot paper on the letters is BoBunny double dot Tutu:

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  1. Wow....look at all them cupcakes. Now your making me hungry. Nice pages (if your not on a diet...LOL). Love the pictures.