Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another Canvas Corp project


One thing about Canvas Corp that I really like is they have the heaviest cardstock I know. I don't know anyone else who carries heavy cardstock - which works best with the project below. Yes, I did order some for the store in brown, black, white, and some off white color. Several people requested red from CC, which they do not carry, but hopefully they will in the future. I also suggested green and navy. Heck, it would be nice if they carried it in all the basic colors.

This project was a really awesome gate fold mini-album with a magnetic snap. You open it up and then it opens up from there. The concept is almost the same as a squash book, where you can keep adding on if you want (as long as you adjusted the side so everything fits when folded). Yes, we will be teaching a class on this mini-album. We ran out of class time so the photo below is their example and therefore not a very good representation on how the album opens up; I took the photos to remember how the paper goes so I can finish it when I get home:

I will schedule a class as soon as my order from CC comes in.

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