Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween at our house

Oh yes! DH and I decided that for the next couple of years we will add something mechanical to our growing Halloween decoration collection. I think it would be great if the kids in the neighborhood grew up and remembered our house as the one house on the block that they looked forward to visiting on halloween night...and not because of the candy and treats. My goal is to have enough devices to resemble a haunted house, on our front lawn of course. Next year I would like to have a life size Zombie.

Speaking of treats. We bought one jumbo bag, and I'll probably go out and buy another. But I have tons of stuff left over from a parade we were in years ago, stuff I bought through Oriental Trading Company (aren't they great?). I mean, I have a whole 18 gallon tote of their junk. And we know how kids love junk. So sorry, parents, we're dragging out that tote and tossing in a few of those things as well, lol! Need to get rid of it! Sometimes I think kids like junk more than they like candy; after all, it does stay around longer than the candy you eat.

Ok, yesterday I was at the Halloween store. I was there to get a few costume supplies. And that's when I saw her. Resurrection Mary:

She is AWESOME! She sound and motive activated but there is also a step pad option, which the store gave us (all they had left was the display model, which they also gave us a discount). She also screeches and spins her head 360. The noise from her will hopefully activate this guy (which I've had for years so no, not new):

He says things like "help! get me out!" "am I dead?" "it's dark down here".

This candelabra is new. The candles take 2 AAA batteries each and flicker. The stand is heavy so it's sturdy and won't tip over:

We have a few other fun things. I'll take a pic when we have the yard put together, both day and night shots.

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