Sunday, October 9, 2011

A great way to store and identify your Distress Stains

I don't know if anyone already thought of this. Sorry if they did. I was working with my Distress Stains this weekend (project viewing coming soon) and realized that I did not like pulling all of my stains out of the drawer to look at the front of the bottle for the color name. BOOOOOO! So...I dabbed a circle of each color on a piece of paper, carefully lining up the bottles so I wouldn't get them mixed up and confused, punched a circle (3/4" punch), ran the circles through my Xyron in an orderly fashion (again, so I wouldn't get them mixed up and confused), stuck the circles on the caps of the bottle, and voila!

Yes, those are my Smooches behind the stains in my drawer.




  1. aha a way to label up my embossing powders, Thanks
    very much as at the moment I have to do as you did pull them out of the drawer to find the colour I need.:-)